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Inspiring Others through Life's Story

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Call Up

I'm Calling you up!

Sharing stories that matter.

Once upon a time there was a girl with a dream. A girl who believed in using her story and other's stories to make a difference. This girl grew up to be a teacher, principal, and mom. Her life experiences and experiencing life with others gave her the confidence to start this blog.

Hello, I am Julie Foster, writer and founder of Call-UP. This blog is for people who need real stories to be encouraged to lead, learn, teach, and share with others. This blog is for anyone who has a story to share that could help someone else be called up to do great things.

Call Up and Do something great!

As a principal, I work with students who are not sure about their purpose. As they grow and learn from others they begin to see how life works. Life is not easy, but God created us to be a part of a community that encourages each other to call each other up and inspire others to do great things for His kingdom. For years I have been thinking about starting this blog. I want a place where families can find community by reading stories that inspire them to keep going when life is hard. To inspire teachers to continue doing the hard work of helping students learn and grow no matter their situation. To inspire students to see themselves as children of the King and ignore the messages of those or themselves that tell them otherwise.

My Mission

Each day I will share a story, resource, or advise either for parents, teachers, or students that will inspire them to never give up. To find a way to look at the good of the world and hopefully through positive messages share with others and "call them up" instead of "calling them out".

Romans 11:36

In Closing

My hope is to provide advise, resources, and encouraging stories that will "call you up" to do great things for the world.

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